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Ancient skill meets modern technology. Play the age-old Chinese game of Mahjong online.
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Mahjong Time

The famous Chinese game of Mahjong is now available online!
Featuring live multi-player Mahjong tournaments, 24/7 action with no download.
Players compete in this skill-based game to win cash and prizes!

Tournaments: Mahjong Time is now hosting Sit-and-Go Tournaments!
They are free to join and the winning league members will earn Tournament Reward Points that can be converted into cash!

MahjongTime is hosting the World's First Hong Kong Mahjong (HKMJ) Online Tournament and the World's First Chinese Official (COMJ) Online Tournament! The tournament will include hundreds of skilled mahjong players from all over the globe, and a guaranteed grand prize of min $1000 for each tournament!

Mahjong Time also recently launched a new Premium & VIP League Membership. As a member you have many ways to earn. Players receive unlimited game credits and the opportunity to convert these credits into cash!
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Below is an outline on some of the rules of Mahjong.

* Mahjong Sets contain 144 tiles, including 8 bonus tiles.

* Tiles are divided into tile types: Common, Honor & Bonus tiles. Within these tiles there are characters which include: bamboo, number characters, flowers, wind and more.

* A mahjong wall is made and each player is dealt 18 tiles long. Future tiles are picked from the Wall as the game progresses.

* A tile is either picked from the Wall or from a used tile in the discard area. As sets are created they are revealed. Once this is achieved, scores are determined and fans and the points revealed.

* Mahjong Club follows the Hong Kong/Cantonese rules outlined below:

* A winning hand goes to the player who obtains matched sets before the other opponents.

* The players match the tile sets to either make sets of three (Pongs), sets of four (Kongs), runs (Chows) and a pair called Eyes.

* The first one to take a combination of these with all their tiles WINS!

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